Our team
Serhii Veretiuk
Chairman of the Association
Chairman of the Association, candidate of technical sciences, PhD, head of the "Noosphere" Engineering School, analyst, expert in the development of high-tech industries and digital economy, innovator-practitioner.
Mariya Bohuslav
Executive Director
Executive Director of the Association, Director of the Education Hub of Kyiv, professional project manager (more than 150 large projects have been implemented);
Public activist, expert in youth policy, e-democracy, digital skills, online education, driver of human capital development and Knowledle economy, social elevator in Ukraine, fighter against the outflow of personnel from Ukraine.
Дмитро Бондаренко
Deputy Chairman
Deputy Chairman of the Association, Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
strategist, crisis manager, PR specialist, more than 15 years of experience in international business, ideologue, inspirer, reformer
Volodymyr Strashko
The chief methodologist
The chief methodologist of the Association, the head of the Center for special training programs and educational technologies of the Ukrainian School of Government, the chief methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv, a teacher of the business school Unit School of Business (UNIT.City), a certified business trainer, an expert in management and personnel management. He conducted more than 500 trainings in leading Ukrainian and international companies and authorities.
Vitalii Zubkov
Head of the R&D department
Methodologist, head of the Association's R&D department, psycholinguist scientist, polyglot, teacher, public figure and writer. Author of the methodology of the Association's language projects including "Lingva Skills" and adaptive testing systems for career guidance as well as English and Ukrainian language proficiency. He entered the National Book of Records, having conducted the largest English language lesson in Ukraine.
Anna Galkina
Project manager
Association project manager. Practicing psychologist, doctor of philosophy in the field of psychology (PhD), methodologist.
Andrii Makieiev
Coordinator of Education Hubs in Ukraine
Professional project manager, HR, 15 years of work experience. 
Oksana Voronkina
Curator on work with educators
Curator on work with educational institutions. Methodologist, manager of educational projects.
The main methodologists of educational courses and trainers
Yuliia Beh
Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, professor of the Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, trainer of management competencies and soft skills, methodologist, developer of educational programs for higher education, state and corporate sectors, Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Anna Riznichenko
A leading Ukrainian specialist in career guidance of teenagers, psychotherapist. For many years, she has been advising children in different countries of the world. Graduate of Wiesbaden University of Positive Psychotherapy (Germany). Certified specialist in various career guidance methods. A frequent guest of television programs on Ukrainian TV channels.
Sergii Taranenko
Методолог та продакт менеджер освітніх проєктів.
75+ проєктів майже в усіх сферах онлайн-освіти
Більше 30000 студентів пройшли проєкти моїх клієнтів або мої власні тренінги.
Victoriia Danylevska
Certified business trainer and methodologist of educational programs, developer of interactive training courses aimed at improving professional management skills and soft skills, practicing psychologist-profiler and political technologist. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Volodymyr Azovskyi
Business trainer, political consultant, certified by the OSCE and the French l'ENA. I create educational products in an offline and digital environment. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv, Ukrainian School of Government.
Iryna Rudyka
Soft skills trainer. Mentor. Andrologist. Methodologist of educational programs. Tutor on emotional intelligence for children from 6 years old according to the SEL system. I am interested in everything that helps a person to develop. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Yurii Manzhos
Trainer-methodologist for the development of soft skills. Expert in social entrepreneurship. Developer of educational board games. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Tetiana Shvatska
A trainer-andrologist, a trainer of teenagers in search of a future profession, a career coach. Methodologist of educational programs for youth and adults. Vocational guidance counselor. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Zlata Binevich
Practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer, coach, author and co-founder of several training and psychoeducational projects, member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychosynthesis and Psychotherapy. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv, Ukrainian School of Government.
Alina Sugarenko
Certified psychologist, methodologist and emotional intelligence trainer for children and adults, practicing child and family psychologist, specialist in the restoration of children's organism during the war. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv
Oksana Gaptyanova
Business trainer in health care, personal branding coach for doctors, training program methodologist with more than 10 years of coaching experience. I teach with inspiration and faith in the uniqueness of everyone. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv
Victoriia Divonka
Soft skills trainer, methodologist of educational projects, coach. Conducted about 500 hours of offline and online trainings, including for the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice, Kyiv Administrative Services Center, Okhmatdyt, the Kyiv Education Department, and others. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv
Anna Makarova
Psychologist, trainer in team management and emotional intelligence, host and facilitator of team and strategic sessions, methodologist of educational programs for adults. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv.
Nataliia Sydorko
Personal effectiveness and team building trainer, coordinator, methodologist and developer of interactive training courses and educational programs. She has conducted more than 100 trainings in state and commercial structures. Trainer-methodologist of the Education Hub of Kyiv, Ukrainian School of Government.
Danylo Metelskyi
Senior lecturer at the Department of International Relations of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, political scientist, public activist. He wrote analytical materials on the Russian-Ukrainian war (2014-2022), organized public events, participated in TV and radio broadcasts. Now the head of the scientific and educational center of social transformations of the Kyiv City Center for folk creativity and cultural research.
Nadia Maslikova
Master's degree in social pedagogy and practical psychology; worked on several dozens of mass open, author's and corporate online courses; creates innovative interactive projects, actively uses storytelling.
Nataliia Malogolovko
Trainer. She has extensive experience in administration and organization of events, implementation of international projects. Among the main competencies: financial literacy for teenagers, motivation, overcoming depression.
Mariia Fokina
Methodologist and product specialist of educational programs. Certified coach of the ICTA international standard. NLP master, Enneagram practitioner. Author of emotional intelligence trainings. Methodologist and trainer of the Education Hub of Kyiv. Expert in the field of emotional intelligence and life coach.
Mykhailo Sedlyar
Candidate of Sciences in Economics, teacher, methodologist of educational programs, business trainer, conducted trainings and developed educational programs in the field of public administration for the CMU, VRU, State Employment Center, State Tax Service of Ukraine, advises private organizations in the field of strategic and business planning. Main interests: management, strategic management, personnel management, innovative development, education, business planning.
Svitlana Zavalishyna
Methodologist, STEM school teacher, trainer, author of educational programs and scientific publications, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. Professional interests: robotics, creating effective presentations, time management.
Oleksandr Vakula
Methodologist, soft-skills trainer. Training experience since 2012. Main directions: "Financial literacy for children", "Sales and communications", "Personal effectiveness". Trainer of the Education Hub of Kyiv since 2019.
Valentyna Smachylo
Doctor of Sciences in Economics, associate professor, methodologist of educational courses and programs,
expert on accreditation of educational programs, trainer of the National Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education.
Iryna Grebenyuk
Trainer, developer of educational products in the areas of marketing, education, psychology, finance.
Liudmyla Sliusareva
Doctor of Sciences in Economics, associate professor, methodologist of educational courses and programs, expert in accreditation of educational programs.
Maryna Pysarenko
Candidate of Sciences in Economics, psychologist, trainer of the Association of Innovative and Digital Education, developer and author of SCORM courses, custom cases, methodologist of educational courses and programs, business trainer. She honed her professional skills during internships in the USA, Israel, Hungary, and Sweden.
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For 15 years of work and implementation of more than 130 projects, we have understood that the success of an educational project depends on 3 components:
qualitative knowledge that can be immediately applied in practice
an interesting presentation of the material, so that you want to complete the course to the end
the ability to tell people about the project using marketing and PR tools
In each of these components, our team has deep expertise and is ready to help you in implementation.